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Smart Winter Garden Control

Selection and Installation

Thursday, 6th April 2023

10:30-12:00 CET

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What to expect from this webinar


Smart Winter Garden Control – Selection and Installation

Which Control System Suits my Conservatory or Smart Home? We will introduce you to the control models from Elsner Elektronik!

After taking part in the webinar, you will know

  • what range of functions the controls have and what they are best suited for.
  • what you need to consider when selecting the mounting location and installing the control unit and sensors.
  • which extension options Elsner RF radio offers you.

The following control models will be discussed:
Solexa, Arexa, Solexa II, WS1 Color/Style, WS1000 Color/Style, WS1000 Connect.

Get to know your speaker

Bastian Elsner, Sales Manager

Bastian Elsner is responsible for the international sale of Elsner products and thus has a deep understandig of the Elsner product range.

As one of the designated successors in the family business, he also pushes forward organisational development – for example with the idea of the Elsner Academy. 


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